May Acupuncture Clinic



The purpose of treatment is always to make you feel energetic inside yourself.

The precious time alone in a quiet peaceful booth helps you to reset your whole system.

Find your "true health".


Open Tue. - Sat.
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Closed Mon. & Sun.


The information you find in media changes so swiftly day by day. Have you ever felt confused by the mass of information? You take supplements because you have been told it is good for you and you drink energy drinks because you are too tired. However, do you really think it is something your body truly needs?

Acupuncture has the essence of its vast history and tradition. One of the greatest concepts is that "Preventation is the better than cure". Acupuncture therapy deals with not only the symptoms you have now, but also your future. Invest now.